Welcome to educators and teachers and families

Finding appropriate music to use in an Early Childhood and Care context is something I am so passionate about.

I need your support for input of ideas, topics, skills that need relatable musical content for – we can then embed this music into the development of learning experiences, and incorporate your unique learning objectives through these songs. As these ideas come through, I will create songs appropriate for an early learning context, with sheet music, lyrics, backing tracks and recordings for use in your classroom.

We need more content that is related to the context that our children are in RIGHT NOW – so you will see songs about understanding our emotions, helping out at home, the bush, the seasons, etc., things that are relevant to the inclusive antipodean context that we are in. Connecting our songs to our children’s lives supports interest and engagement, and creates deeper connections for learning. The representation aims to support the unique and individual voices of all children around us.

As a singer, I want music with a good melody, a good story, and of course, something that is singable and Safe and Healthy to sing. Whilst developmentally appropriate content is not my favourite way of thinking about education, as music making is a physically complex and demanding path – creating well meaning and healthy habits is KEY to ongoing learning and success. That being said, it is FUN and ENJOYABLE, as well as sometimes being HARD WORK and SATISFYING. That’s not something that anyone should shy away from! Anyhow, I digress!

So keep up with me here, please send in any requests for topics or content, and I look forward to sharing in this journey with you.

Published by jesschanmusic

Jess Chan is a teacher and musician, engaged in learning and using evidence based pedagogical considerations to inspire students and create a life-long love of learning. Approaches to learning found in music education, not only support a dedication and love of musical development, but contribute to and utilize transferable skills between all developmental and academic domains of development. In her musical framework, Jess Chan engages a balanced approach to musical content, especially utilizing the student's own voice in musical choices and direction, to make more meaningful experiences for each child. This supports the student's capacity for deeper knowledge, skill, and especially approaches to learning.

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