A little bit about me

My name is Jess. I am a piano, violin and voice specialist, with a background in classical, jazz music genres, composition and education. I am a pedagogy fiend and am grateful to be at the tail end of my Masters of Teaching from the University of Melbourne. My Masters degree will finish 10 years after I graduated with Honours at Te Kōkī, the New Zealand School of Music in Aotearoa.

With my students, each student is unique so our one on one lessons are tailored to suit the wants and needs of the student. Group classes cater to this as much as possible, but follow the themes of the group, which includes differentiation, but different teaching techniques to encourage peer learning and inter and intra group success (healthy competition/commitment).

I am available for:

  • private lessons (instrumental)
  • video lessons (instrumental)
  • group classes (instrumental and early years music and movement)
  • masterclasses (educators and teachers)
  • in-session music classes for kindergartens/long day care/play groups etc.
  • commissioned works for individual or group/class use.

I believe that exposure to and engagement in music education is a right to all walks of life. Therefore, the content available on the website is free of charge – so please share it with people in need. Some content and materials will be available for purchase, and some only privately available for my students. Please do consider the work that goes into producing this content and the upkeep of the website, content and teaching prep! If you feel like it, you can “buy us a coffee”

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Published by jesschanmusic

Jess Chan is a teacher and musician, engaged in learning and using evidence based pedagogical considerations to inspire students and create a life-long love of learning. Approaches to learning found in music education, not only support a dedication and love of musical development, but contribute to and utilize transferable skills between all developmental and academic domains of development. In her musical framework, Jess Chan engages a balanced approach to musical content, especially utilizing the student's own voice in musical choices and direction, to make more meaningful experiences for each child. This supports the student's capacity for deeper knowledge, skill, and especially approaches to learning.

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