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When online learning became something we have all been thrust into, supporting my students to access to materials, practicing tips etc. became an interesting challenge! I needed a platform to have materials freely accessible and user friendly (feedback on how it’s going would be great! Using a combination of DIY websites and a music player site called SoundSlice, I have been navigating more interactive content that my students can have fun with, while also actively listening to, following notation (beat, notes and rhythm simultaneously), hoping to absorb a lot of these skills more efficiently with this kind of support. So far, the response has been GREAT (thanks guys!).

Creating this content has enabled me to also provide extra support and tips to parents and other caregivers with tips on practicing, and also a platform for parents to become more involved in practice, as they can HEAR the music and pass on their feedback at home – which is SO AMAZING. I will add a million bonus points to any parents that want to use this content to also develop their own music skills too 😉

You may also see some more varied content from me available here. I have a few different goals for embedding growth (learning and development, skills, knowledge and habits) through music. As time goes by, more and more Early Childhood focused content will be available for families and educators of younger children, which supports the more formalized methods of learning music in a play-based and well-rounded context. Please tell all your friends and family! Music is an exceptional pathway that connects us a a society in so many different ways!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in contact with me! I’m so happy to share this with you all, and so grateful to share in the development and growth of all my students!

Published by jesschanmusic

Jess Chan is a teacher and musician, engaged in learning and using evidence based pedagogical considerations to inspire students and create a life-long love of learning. Approaches to learning found in music education, not only support a dedication and love of musical development, but contribute to and utilize transferable skills between all developmental and academic domains of development. In her musical framework, Jess Chan engages a balanced approach to musical content, especially utilizing the student's own voice in musical choices and direction, to make more meaningful experiences for each child. This supports the student's capacity for deeper knowledge, skill, and especially approaches to learning.

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